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Find Mobile Bar Service in Kansas City

Mobile Bar Service in Kansas City

Locating a local mobile bar service can be a real challenge, That is, unless you know exactly what you want before you shop for them. As with anything, if you know what you want it’s easier to find.  But with a few helpful tips and insights it’s easy to hire excellent bartenders. Maybe you need them for your corporate event. Perhaps you’re planning a wedding or holiday gathering. Whatever your need for  special events bartenders is, finding and hiring them doesn’t need to be difficult.

You Want Experience and Professionalism

Most of all, you want to make sure that you hire experts. No matter how much you pay bartenders for hire, that’s critical. Nothing spoils the party like an inexperienced, inefficient bartender. You know the type. They don’t know how to mix the most popular drinks. They aren’t sure what ingredients to use. Maybe they pour the right drink, but in the wrong kind of glass. Meanwhile, guests are waiting around for service. Because the bartender isn’t a pro, they’re slow. So first and foremost, hire genuine professionals who know what they’re doing.

What to Ask a Mobile Bar Service

In order to do that, of course, you need to interview them before you make your final selection. As it is when you hire any kind of professional, check their references. How long have they been a licensed bartender? How many events like yours have they worked? Can they show you a track record of success in the mobile bartending business? Don’t be shy when you interview. You can ask them how to make specific drinks. Which ingredients do they use? What kind of glassware is right for each drink? They should know right off the top of their head. Otherwise, they may not have the skills and know-how that you deserve. Finally, ask what kind of liability insurance they carry. That’s important if you’re serving alcohol, and can protect you from legal hassles.

Why Mobile Bar Service Teamwork Matters

Another thing to consider is whether they work independently or as a crew. Lots of people hire individual bartenders. You find one at your favorite bar. You locate another through an advertisement. Maybe each of them knows a friend who tends bar. They invite them along, and in that way you get enough bartenders. But that can be the cause of problems when it’s time to host the party. Bartending for lots of people is demanding work. You have to work fast. As you bartend, you have to keep your bar clean and neat. Someone may have to resupply the bar, with alcohol, ice, or glassware. In other words, to do it right you need a team effort.

Hire the Best, With Confidence

But bartenders who’ve never worked together can’t run an event like a practiced team. As a result, the service might be disjointed, not smooth and seamless. That’s why a mobile bar service like Diamond Girls is best. Whether you need two or 10 for your event, they have great team energy. If you want to hire bar staff for party beverage services, Diamond Girls has a full staff. They’ll answer all your questions. They’ve done hundreds of successful events in Kansas City. Plus, reserving bartenders at Diamond Girls only takes a few minutes.

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