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Tips for Calculating Your Wedding Bartender Needs

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One of the problems you’ll be puzzled by as a bride or wedding planner is how many bartenders you’ll need. Whether one wedding bartender is enough, or you need more, will depend on a few different variables. How many guests you invite is the main factor, but not the only one to consider. You’ll also want to think about the layout of the venue, the kinds of drinks you plan to serve, and the skill level of your special events bartender.

Basic Wedding Bartender Calculations

A standard calculation is that you need at least one bartender for every 40-50 guests. But you could need more, depending on what kinds of drinks you serve. A wedding bartender can pour wine or beer a lot faster than it takes to make a cocktail, and you’ll want to adjust your bartender hiring calculations accordingly. As explained in Brides Magazine, it’s also a good idea to consider the layout of the event space, and how that impacts the movement of guests. Even when one bartender may seem like enough, you don’t want to see a line of guests standing around waiting for their drinks. Multiple bartender stations and mobile bartending servers with trays of drinks will help solve that problem, and keep the party moving to eliminate frustrating delays.

Questions to Ask When You Hire Bar Staff

When interviewing a mobile bartending service you should ask them what kinds of drinks they can serve, and how many bartenders they estimate are necessary. Diamond Girls offers special packages, for example, based on what you prefer at your reception or party. You can even serve a signature cocktail or order special glassware to make your champagne toast more elegant and memorable. Another advantage of using a professional wedding bar service like Diamond Girls is that they know exactly how to staff the event. They’ll bring all the accessories and appropriate glassware, too. Plus, buying your alcohol through them can save you money. They can make sure you have just enough, but don’t overpay for extra that you really don’t need. The savings on such things as liquor, bar accessories, and glassware adds up quickly, and can help you stay within your wedding budget.

Hire Bartender Quality, Not Just Quantity

Keep in mind that it’s not just how many bartenders at your wedding event that matters. The skill and quality of your bartenders is essential, especially for such an important occasion. Less-experienced bartenders won’t be able to keep up with a busy party. Worse still, your guests will be unhappy if they wait around for cocktails only to find that they were not mixed correctly. Eliminate all of those annoying scenarios before they happen, by hiring first-rate professionals. You’ll also want to use a licensed bartender for wedding events. Otherwise, your special day could turn into a legal mess. Bartenders like those Diamond Girl employs are trained to follow the law and not serve minors, for instance, and Diamond Girls also carries high levels of liability insurance. They’ll even send you an official insurance certificate with the venue named on it, after you reserve them for your party. Then you can rest easy, knowing you’re in good hands. But reserve now, to confirm your date. It’s easy and only takes a few moments to do.

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