Private Wine Tasting
For Your
Special Event

Entertain, engage and educate your guests with a private wine tasting in a comfortable setting everyone will enjoy. 

Host A Memorable Event

Are you in charge of throwing a get together for a group of 25 people or less? Maybe you’re organizing a bridal shower or having a lady’s night? Or maybe you’re getting a few guys together or hosting a small group of friends and colleagues?  Whatever you’re planning, you’ll want to make the event memorable and unique. This means you’ll need to offer something fun, interesting, and engaging to pull it off. A private wine tasting is the perfect opportunity for you to impress your guests 

A Guided Wine Tasting

Our premium guided wine tastings include a tour of eight different wines and lets your guests experience all the notes and nuances of wine in a friendly atmosphere. We’ve partnered with Kansas City’s Amigoni winery, a producer of small lot dry handcrafted wines, to bring your guests four reds and four whites to try.

Amigoni’s wines are made from grapes grown in their private vineyard, located 60 miles East of Kansas City. They focus on producing traditional European grape varietieals, like Cabernet Franc, Cabernet Sauvignon, Chardonnay and Viognier. A private wine tasting with Amigoni’s wine is fun and educational. Most of all, it’s the best way to keep the conversation flowing at an event your guests won’t soon forget!

what’s included

What You Get

At Diamond Girls Bartenders, we’ve got you and your guests covered so you’re sure to enjoy your special event. 

Our Wine Tasting Experts

Inviting people you don’t know into your home or special gathering might be a concern. What if they’re strange or don’t gel well with your guests? Rest assured, our wine tasting experts put professionalism first.  We clearly understand our role, and that’s to assist you in making the most engaging and entertaining get together possible. We keep it fun, friendly, and always professional. Not only that, but our wine tasting experts have extensive knowledge about the wines you’ll be trying and are able to easily answer any questions your guests will have.


A wine tasting is the perfect way to make your gathering one that stands out from typical parties.


The combination of amazing wine and new information connects guests and ensures a good time for everyone.


Wine tastings guarantee all your guests will be engaged and in enjoying themselves the entire time.


When your guests get back home they will still be talking about the night - the hallmark of a memorable gathering.

Ready For A One Of A Kind

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